Relationship Coaching

Man and woman holding hands in the sunset.

"How can they help me?" "How much do I tell them about my relationships?"  A Relationship Coach is not a "Dear Abby". They focus on the behaviors, not the person, and not placing blame. They help to help you get focused. They work with you to find what behaviors are not productive to your relationships with your peers, family, and your significant other. They are trained to listen and observe, and then customize the best course of action depending on your specific wants and needs. They help you map out clear-cut objectives and create a game plan. They encourage you to set your own goals and priorities and then take action using skills and strategies. Our coaches support you and encourage self-awareness as you work to reach your goals.

The coach will talk about topics ranging from interpersonal skills, the importance of maintaining a positive attitude, romance, flirting, etc., and discuss strategies to change and reshape your life. They will also help you identify patterns and behaviors that may be negatively affecting your relationships and dating potential.

As a supportive person in your life, your coach will promote personal growth with an emphasis on setting specific goals and achieving those goals for the desired outcome. During your sessions with the coach, you will learn to take action. You will focus on accountability and how to achieve positive results to get the love you want. Finally, your coach can help you see past issues with more clarity and help you break though relationship barriers that have kept your love life in a holding pattern.

As you work through the coaching process, it will open up more areas that have been holding you back from the life that you want. Most coach and client relationships last anywhere from six months to two years when it comes to relationship coaching. You need to decide what kind of work and commitment you are willing to put into creating a new and better life and to see improvement in all your relationships.

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