6 Simple Things You Should Do Every Day to Be Healthier and Happier

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We’re all trying to unlock the secrets of living our best life. We search for the best diet plans, the most effective routines, and the exercise schedule tailored to our bodies’ inner rhythms. Soon, we start to feel like our bodies are a puzzle we’ll never have the time or resources to solve.

However, the real secret is this: healthy living doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the most effective ways to stay healthy and happy are usually the simplest. In order to help you discover your healthiest life, Well With Life has come up with these six habits you can start building today:


First, Tidy Up

Did you know your environment has a huge impact on your mood? If the area around you is a mess, you’re going to feel more anxious and scattered throughout the day. This can boost cortisol levels, leading to cravings, stress, and a lack of motivation. Regular tidying, however, stops this cycle in its tracks. Dedicate twenty minutes every day to doing a quick sweep and tidy of your house. Then, every month or so, you can spend a few hours tackling bigger cleaning tasks. Little things like opening up the windows to let in fresh air and keeping your desk organized can keep you centered and ready to tackle the day.


 Second, Exercise

When it comes to exercise, don’t worry about perfection — focus on consistency instead. The best exercise for your body is the exercise you enjoy enough to actually do. Whether that’s training for one of our runs, doing yoga, rock climbing, or something else, the important part is sticking with it. Joyful movement helps keep your body in shape and reminds you how much you can achieve.


Third, Drink Water

Let’s take a look at the symptoms of mild dehydration: tiredness, headaches, moodiness, dry skin. Many of us deal with these low-level symptoms for so long that we forget that we used to feel better. If you focus on getting the water your body needs to thrive, however, you’ll notice the difference. The boost in energy alone will wake you up to what you’ve been missing. Stick with it, even if it’s hard at first. In time, your body will re-learn thirst signals, and hitting your water goals will be far easier.


Fourth, Meditate

If you exercised non-stop for a whole day, you wouldn’t be surprised if you were sore and tired that evening. Well, your brain needs breaks, too. We spend so much of our time working and thinking, we rarely give our minds a moment to rest. Even our downtime tends to be spent scrolling through social media and getting more and more stressed out. The answer to this problem is mindfulness. A daily meditation practice, even just for ten minutes, will give your brain the much-needed time it needs to slow down. With practice, you’ll be able to spend more time in the moment. This means you’ll spend less time worrying about tomorrow or yesterday and more time enjoying today.


Fifth, Sleep

Finally, focus on getting a good night’s rest every night. If you haven’t had a bedtime since childhood, now’s the time to give yourself one again. Remember, adults need a consistent sleep schedule, too. Not only will a set sleep/wake time ensure you get enough hours of sleep per night, but it will also help you sleep better. After a few weeks, your body will get used to the routine — meaning you’ll fall asleep faster at night and wake up more refreshed in the mornings.


Sixth, Set Goals

Setting goals is an important part of life, as it gives us something to strive for. Without them, you may feel as though you’re a bit directionless. So, set aside some time for something you enjoy or have a passion for. Have you always wanted to start oil painting? Find some YouTube channels to help you get started. Did you always want to go back to school to earn your masters to help future your IT career? You can enroll in online courses that allow you to earn new skills from the comfort of your home. What’s important is that you find something you enjoy and are passionate about, then take steps to work that into your life.


Little changes like these go a long way toward helping you feel better, and they don’t even require a massive lifestyle overhaul. Remember, the healthiest habits are the ones you can actually achieve and stick to. Set small, healthy goals for yourself, and you’ll start feeling healthier and happier in no time.


Stay Healthy and Happy,

Leslie Campos



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